1. All workouts are designed by a Trained Fitness Professional

2. Classes contain no more than 15 people

3. All Classes are safe, effective and FUN!

4. HotBod is one of the most affordable bootcamps while getting the results you want!

5. Great music and high energy!

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MORGIN says: "After only FOUR classes of hotbod bootcamp, I am already finding it easier to wake up early in the mornings and I have noticed that I have more energy throughout the entire day as well! I love the location (secluded waterfront beach), the friendly and enthusiastic trainer (Christy) and the ability of the trainer to increase or decrease the difficulty of the stretch/exercise so that, even though it is a class, I always feel involved/active, even if I am still a little sore from the previous class :) I just found out that she is doing drop-ins now, I recommend checking out the class and I guarantee once you get there, you'll have fun getting fit!!"


Must be 18 years of age