Some of our amazing before & afters:

CLASS testimonials:

"Just wanted to say that bootcamp was great last night. I liked the flow of the class - with the balance between the activities/breaks/cardio, etc. Your instruction was easy to follow and it kept me going and I loved that I didn't have time to think about "quitting". I am looking forward to the rest of the session "
- Rebecca T. (Barrie)
"Thank you so much for taking the time to do this class!! I love it! I wish it could be everyday!! :):)"
- Kate D. (Barrie)
"After only FOUR classes at HotBod, I am already finding it easier to wake up early in the morning and I have noticed that I have more energy through the entire day as well!"
-Morgin T. (Barrie)



"Today I weighed in at 115.8...another great week! I have to tell you that since I have been doing this diet/sup and drinking all the H2O, I feel so much better. I am not exhausted like I use to be, I am sleeping better, and the best thing I have noticed is my joints don't hurt..mostly my shoulders..they were so bad it hurt to take my shirt off, and now that pain is gone! This has changed my life!!" - Tammy (Parry Sound, Ontario)
Love Love Love my workouts:) looking forward to finishing this 4 weeks and starting again:) Loved the workouts and compensating for my broken arm:)
 I loved the emphasis on lower body and I see improvement thank YOU!

- Donna (Parry Sound, Ontario)
Personal Training Client (Down 20lbs in 2 months)
"Call me anything you want for uploading this, but I need to share what I've been up to for the last while. It's a process and sometimes it's hard to keep my eye on the prize but with everyday that passes I try to be better than the day before. I'm not perfect and I don't strive to be. I just want to feel happy in my skin again and the choices that I have been making are leading me there. Thank you to everyone who has helped keep me motivated and everyone who has been there for me.
A special thanks to Christy Toms ..... Without her I wouldn't have been able to embark on such a journey. With her online training program, diet advice and not being creeped out when I send her nudes. Thank you so much! Check out her page HotBod bootcamp !!!! Clearly she gets results."
-Patricia Coggan (Barrie Ontario)

First Picture is From SEPT. 6TH 2013.
Last picture November 19 2013
"I contacted Christy who was recommended to me by a close friend. I live a long way from here so I was skeptical as to what she might be able to do for me but my friend was adamant that she could help.

Christy and I talked for a long time so she could find out about me, my goals and what I wanted to do. She questioned me on current eating habits, sleep, exercise, general health and I thought she was pretty thorough. This was great. Christy told me she would put a meal plan together and send it to me. She did this and then called again to discuss it with me in case anything need changing. I AM NOT CHANGING THIS PLAN!!
Today is Friday and I started the plan on Monday. I shopped on the weekend previous and even did a big cook on Sunday like she told me to make it easier for the week. (Great tip here ). So far I am down 10 lbs with being 5 days into the weekly meal plan. I have a goal of 40 more and I know they will be slower to come off but what a start! I am not hungry at all as I eat about 6 times a day but the food is better for me and I feel like I am not as tired as I used to me in the mid day.
I can’t wait till Monday to get the 7 day total of loss."
- Bruce, 49. Peterborough, ON.