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Classes offered at HotBod:
(these classes switch up and not every class will be offered every month)

An intense workout that combines spinning with plyometric exercises (jump training). A major calorie burner and helps tone your lower body!


This class is focused on building & toning your glutes.
Sculpting techniques using impeccable strengthening and toning exercises will be used to build your booty.
A 45 minute Bootcamp workout with longer interval training & 30 second circuits to make you work harder and sweat more. Plyometric & weight training exercises within circuits.
KBT KRAZE: MIx of kettlebell , Bosu and TRX

Bootcamp SHAKER:

Bootcamp shaker will have a three station setup with circuits in each station. One station using kettlebells, one station using trx, one station using bosus (for example) and you would rotate the 3 circuits (exercises) within that station- and then move onto the next!

LIFT & ABS: Upper body heavy lifting class in circuits. Build amazing upper body strength with this 45 minute strength training class!

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At HotBod Fitness, our classes are KICK ASS and you can enjoy a variety of different fitness classes! These classes are not like your regular gym classes. Not only are they challenging & fun but the class sizes are small (anywhere from 4-16 people) which makes it easy for us to help you on a personal basis. Our classes could basically be described as group training which is awesome value!
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