As our team and member safety is paramount, we wanted to highlight some of the changes you will see taking effect upon re-opening below:


Required Temperature Checks: Anyone that enters HotBod Fitness will need to have their temp checked with a non-contact thermometer. If someone’s temperature is over 100.4 °F, they won’t be allowed to enter the studio.

MASK: Due to mandatory mask order, we ask everyone wears a mask coming into the studio, you can remove while exercising and then put the mask back on to exit. If you have health issues that exempts you from wearing a mask, please contact us and we will put that on your file


Sanitation Stations: Sanitation stations will be located at the entrance of the studio and throughout. We ask that members use this on their hands immediately upon entering the facility and frequently throughout their visit. Disinfectant spray bottles and paper towel will also be easily accessible in common areas as well as each classroom.

Hand Washing: We have two washrooms where people can wash their hands. We also have two other hand washing stations located in the class studio as well as the common area.

MASK: Due to mandatory mask order, we ask everyone wears a mask coming into the studio, you can remove while exercising and then put the mask back on to exit.


Reduction in Class Sizes: Capacity per room will be significantly reduced which will decrease the amount of people taking class per cubic meter of room space, as well as the total number of people moving around in the common areas at one time.

Room Reorganization: Select pieces of equipment will be removed to allow for additional spacing between members.

Time Between Classes: A minimum of 15 minutes transition time will be in place in between all classes to allow for our staff to deep clean the rooms, equipment, and ensure we wipe down all of the surfaces. If you would like to socialize with other members, we ask that you do it outside and not inside the studio.

Reducing Contact With Equipment: Equipment will not be shared- and would also be properly cleaned and wiped between use. Yoga mats will still be provided, however, it is highly encouraged for members to bring their own mat.

ARRIVAL: We also ask to arrive only 5 minutes prior to your class to allow for the previous class to be out of the common area.

Door Locked/Appointment Only: The main door will be locked and only opened for when people are leaving or arriving. During services, these doors will be locked as we will not be accepting any “walk in” traffic


Signage: Signage will be put up around HotBod Fitness to remind clients and staff what they can do to continually keep themselves and each other safe. Floor markers will be added throughout the space to further encourage 6ft of social distancing and control traffic patterns to help eliminate touch points.

Increased Cleaning: Increased cleaning measures will be routine and rigorous.

Cubbies/Washrooms: We will ask that at peak times, if possible, you go home to shower and only use the washrooms/showers if necessary. While we ask you to keep the proper distance from other patrons here, we may instill further limits in the showers, although we hope this won’t be necessary. We ask that you only bring in stuff that you absolutely need into the studio, as we will be keeping cubbies off limits at this time. (phone keys, water is okay)

Extra Staff Precautions: While our staff already follows strict protocol with handwashing and sanitary standards, our leadership teams will be required to wash their hands upon entrance to the club. We will also be wearing a mask when deemed necessary. (example ; touching equipment or not exercising)


Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be complete 12hours prior to class to avoid a fee of $15 for unlimited members OR class pass loss. If you are not feeling well and it is past the window, please email the studio at to let them know so that we can credit your reservation back to your account and waive your fee. We do respectfully ask that if you are not feeling well you do not come to the studio until you are symptom-free or fever free for at least three days. Example: If you cancel a class on Friday for Saturday, we ask that you do not attend until at least Tuesday.

Late Arrivals: For everyone’s safety, there will be no access to classes once they have started

Reservation Limitations: With the upcoming capacity limitations, we want to ensure that all members have the opportunity to get their workout in. To make this possible, all packages and memberships will be restricted to one reservation per day. If you are craving a double, we invite you to stay and see if we end up having a space for the following class or we will post online if there are extra spots in classes.

As you can all see, we have meticulously considered as many angles of HotBod Fitness' operations as we can to ensure that when you are inside the club, we are doing all we can to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus. For our protocols to be most effective, we need everyone to play their part while attending the studio as we are all leaders in this community together.

We are excited for our reopening, and we can't wait to see you soon! In the meantime, please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns that you may have.

Thank you and we all look forward to keeping everyone safe and FIT,

HotBod Fitness Team

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