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About HotBod Fitness Studio (Barrie, ON)

Get ready to make a positive change and transform your body into that HotBod you've always wanted.

HotBod Fitness is geared towards reaching your personal goals and making you faster, fitter, stronger and most importantly, healthier.

At HotBod Fitness Studio, we offer only the BEST fitness classes and personal training to make sure that you GET RESULTS!

HotBod Fitness provides intense workouts and specific conditioning to gain strength, build muscle and raise your metabolic rate to burn calories and fat FASTER. We are a female inspired studio but also offer personal training for men and bootcamps for men!

We are an unique studio specializing in personal training & fitness classes and are open for scheduled classes and one-on-one training. If you are at HotBod Fitness, you are always in the hands of a professional trainer.